Here you’ll find a selection of my PHP, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Java, Python, VBA and PowerShell projects.

Hopefully I’ve selected the right mix of projects to illustrate my skills and knowledge in Management Information Systems, Business Process Analysis and Automation, Compliance, and Encryption and Security,

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Some annoucements can’t be made over an intercom. The HeadsUp! silent alert system runs in the system tray of computers throughout an organization. At the push of a button every user in an organization can silently recieve a message pop up on their screen.

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I.T. Management System

This is a pared-down demo, but the full application can be rapidly deployed on Raspberry Pi to implement an instant solution for I.T. ticket tracking, Resource management, Asset Tracking, and Project Management. This system uses PHP, Javascript, and MySQL.

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Breakout Clone Game

This is a javascript clone of the old Atari game Breakout. It runs in your browswer. Click on the bar to start the game.

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Kaboom Clone Game

A javascript clone of the old Activision game Kaboom

Excel/Visual Basic script

 A VBA script that creates a GUI interface for an existing excel spreadsheet.

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Java Report Formatters

An example of a report formatter created in Java. This is a Swing based application you can download and demo on your own computer without any installation.

*assuming you have Java installed.

Middleware Sync Between Google & Workday

This is a full middleware application that collects pictures from employee profiles in Workday (a cloud-based HRMS) and uploads them to the employee profile in Google Workspace.

This helps companies automate their account setup and onboarding process.

PowerShell Scripts

A selection of my most useful and most requested PowerShell scripts


An encryption program like you’ve never seen before. Generate Keys, Encrypt and Decrypt messages and notes, use RSA or AES256.

This was created in Python, and was a deep dive for me into encrypted communication. Finishing this project was a labor of love, and probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a personal programming project.