Excel Form

This is a sample of a VBA project built on an existing Excel Workbook.

This was a sheet used by medical staff for tracking adverse events in a healthcare facility. Its been anonymized, but over the years the data workbook had grown very large and unmanageable, however the medical staff did not want to switch to an app or database – the requirements of this project were that staff wanted to continue to use the spreadsheet but wanted it to be easier and more organized.

I added a GUI form to the sheet, and annual summaries using pivot tables.

The GUI form has two modes – Insert and View Only – to prevent accidentally adding or overwriting data. Users can easily skip to the first and last records, create new records, or find the beginning of a specific year and scroll through records from that point.

The pivot tables neatly trend the data to indicate locations, shifts, or staff members that need extra attention.

View the anonymized excel sheet here.

*To see the VBA code you must have Developer mode enabled.

*To interact with the form you must have macros enabled.