Java Report Formatters

Download Example of Java Report Formatter

*You must have Java installed to run this program

This is an example of the many Java Report Formatters that have made my career in healthcare IT. While some EMRs such as Cerner have their own scripting language for querying and outputing data, other EMRs (especially budget friendly EMRs) such as CPSI and eClinicalWorks have extremely limited options for how they can output data.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the places these reports need to go to often have extremely narrow specifications for the required formats they will receive the reports in. And quite often, getting the reports them in the formats they specify is critically important for compliance or reimbursement or cost saving through data analysis.

While Python is my preferred method of formatting reports, Java has number of advantages – not the least of which is that it is incredibly portable. Because most users have Java installed, and it compiles with all it’s dependencies, getting it up and running on a remote user’s PC is usually as simple as sending them a file and asking them to double click on it.

The formatters I’ve provided here are two examples of programs created to assist Hospitals in participating in the 340b program. Automating this for them turned a labor intensive, manual process into a process that takes only minutes, and nets them more than $50,000 a month.