HeadsUp! Silent Alert System

Visit the Demo Server

Some announcements can’t be made over an intercom.

Organizations often need to instantly communicate emergent information to their employees without alarming or exposing their customers, residents, or students. HeadsUp! enables this by running in the system tray of every Windows computer on your network, silently waiting for an emergent alarm. Alarms can be triggered at any computer via the client software, or triggered from the server by authorized personnel. When the alarm is triggered, a message instantly flashes on every screen, alerting everyone in the organization at once.

How it works

HeadsUp! consists of a Windows Client built with Java, and a REST server built with PHP, MySql, CSS, Javascript, and HTML.

A Working Demo

To see a working demo of this application, simply download and run the client on your local computer. This is a stand-alone Java application. There is no installation, and it runs in a secure JVM. Once running, you can access the program by right clicking the icon in your tray. It is pre-configured to connect automatically to the demo server.

Visit the demonstration server here. From the server you can customize the alarm messages, manage users, view logs, and interact with the alarms.