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Getting started with Laravel

I work with a lot of different languages and frameworks. Sometimes the hardest part of getting started with a new project is trying to recall the setup steps for a particular language or framework – especially after I’ve been immersed for months in a different one. I wrote this guide to bootstrap getting a Laravel […]

The most annoying Chrome Extension

The hardest part of any new project is just getting started. Whenever a task seems overwhelming the best way forward is to break it into smaller tasks. For programming tasks that means getting started with basic bootstrapping activities, and since they’re the same for every project, they can be pretty easily templated. With that in […]

Powershell Script – Automate User Home Path

This is useful in organizations that automate the new account creation process and also have roaming profiles. The following script creates the profile and home path and sets the user’s AD account. This assumes that when new accounts are created they are put into an OU called NewUsers, and that when this script runs, everyone […]


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